Our Webinar on Self-Publishing

…was a resounding success. So much so, in fact, that we’re going to do it again!

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The news gets even better. We’re actually planning TWO new webinars. One will be a repeat of our June 24 Self-Publishing one, and the other will go into greater detail on Crowdfunding, otherwise known as using various online fundraising platforms to generate the funds to pay for the professional independent publication of your book. That is what we’re trying to do here, after all–encourage not just self-publication, but also the hiring of publishing professionals. There’s no point in having a revolution unless it actually improves things, after all!

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See you at the barricades!

Writers, Revolt?

Yes! Writers, revolt!

But wait. What does it mean?

It means the same thing other revolutions have meant–out with the old and in with the new. Down with the establishment and up with the subversives. Burn down the palace and throw up a new city.

Of course, we’re not urging actual violence. All this imagery is merely meant to get you in the mood to make a leap that you may be reluctant to make, especially if you are a traditionally-published writer.

But why? you may ask.

The times are not changing–they have already changed. Publishing is nothing like it was 20 years ago. In another 20 years, it may be unrecognizable. We certainly hope so. The current model is broken. Too many talented writers, some of them with excellent track records, are finding it very hard to get new publishing contracts. Skilled publishing professionals are unable to get full-time jobs. Publishers are no longer willing to cultivate talent. MBAs have replaced MFAs. Maybe lots of good books are being published, but plenty more good ones aren’t.

And that’s not right.

The stigma surrounding self-publishing must be erased. Take control of your own publishing future. Emulate the professionals. Beat them at their own game. We’ll show you how. We don’t just talk the talk. We also walk the walk. We’re on the same journey you’re on. Let’s make it together.

And yes, we know commas are important. “Writers revolt” may be a true statement in some cases, but that’s not what we’re going for here.

If you’re a writer, join us in this new revolution! There’s room for everyone.